The Band

BNA is a 3 piece punk rock band from West Yorkshire in the UK.
Forming as a band of school friends and after playing in various different bands with genres as vast as soul and metal they have fine tuned their unique sound. Having played all over the UK and various festivals the boys are back after a brief hiatus using their love of punk and classic rock to create the wall of sound they have become remembered for. With an added element of pop hookery to create catchy, yet unique songs, they will have you humming and singing along in no time.

As a much respected band in the music scene they attracted record label attention but as it did not sit well with the creativity, the boys are currently doing it alone (with the help of very talented friends). BNA are currently out playing all new material and will be set to get into the studio as soon as they can and the results you will find here and our pretty little website. Hope you like what we have on this site and please keep checking in for updates on where we are playing, new tunes available and hopefully some merch as well. Bye for now. BNA :)

Phil Swale

Vocals/Guitar: Loves all things musical. Has a strange fear of tea rooms.

Phil uses Gibson Guitars through a Marshall amp

Gary Marshall

Drums/Vocals: Mad about AC/DC and tinkering with motorbikes (sometimes he rides them too!)

Gary uses Pearl Drums and Zildjan Cymbals and Sticks

Josh Tildesley

Bass/Vocals: Loves Reggae and pretty much anything with a low rumble.

'JT' uses Lakland Basses through a Marshall/Ampeg bass rig

  • Gibson Guitars
  • Marshall Amps
  • Pearl Drums
  • Zildjian Cymbals and Sticks
  • Lakland Basses
  • Ampeg Amplification